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Possible job titles and employers for Entomologists:
  • Agricultural entomologist - helping farmers sustainably control pests while encouraging beneficial insects (private companies, USDA, CDFA, academia)
  • Medical entomologist - controlling populations of insects that vector human diseases (private companies, CDC, NIH, academia)
  • Veterinary entomologist - controlling pests and disease vectors of domesticated animals (private companies, USDA, CDFA, academia)
  • Urban entomologist - controlling pests of human dwellings (private companies, USDA, CDFA, academia)
  • Insect taxonomist and systematist - identifying, discovering, and describing insect species and placing them into an evolutionary framework (private companies, USDA, CDFA, customs, academia)
  • Forensic entomologist - use insects to discover the time of death (law enforcement, academia)
  • Forest entomologist - control insects, especially invasive species, that are pests of trees (private companies, USDA [including Forest Service], CDFA, academia)
  • Insect ecologist - understand the role of insects in a broader context to inform control of pest insects and conservation of beneficial insects (private companies, conservation organizations, USDA, CDFA, academia)
  • Interpretation, outreach and science communication - liaison between the public and science (private companies and freelancing in education and journalism, state/county/national parks and reserves, museums)


A bachelor of science in Entomology from UCR will also prepare you for medical and veterinary school, while allowing your application to stand out from biology majors!


Career Flyer - Entomological Society of America


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