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Admin Staff Hybrid Schedules

  Contact For Email Zoom  Phone Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Angel Escobar  Contract/grant pre- & post-award activities AngelOfficeHours 2-2344 IN OFFICE REMOTE REMOTE IN OFFICE REMOTE
Breanne Juarez  Contract/grant pre- & post-award activities BreannesOfficeHours 2-5806 REMOTE REMOTE IN OFFICE REMOTE IN OFFICE
Gian Ledesma  Receiving, petty cash, key custodian, conference room reservations   2-5714 REMOTE IN OFFICE REMOTE IN OFFICE REMOTE
Nina Nguyen  Reconciliations, financial analysis, website   2-3752 REMOTE IN OFFICE REMOTE REMOTE IN OFFICE
Cherie Pierce  Operational supervision, fund administration, system access, backup support to FAO   2-5807 IN OFFICE IN OFFICE REMOTE REMOTE REMOTE
Bill Sutton  Procurement, facilities, equipment management   2-5704 REMOTE REMOTE IN OFFICE REMOTE IN OFFICE
Wendi Tapia  Budget/reporting, policy interpretation/compliance, exceptional approvals WendiOfficeHours 2-3006 REMOTE REMOTE REMOTE IN OFFICE IN OFFICE
Robin Testa  Payroll/appointment extension, reconciliations, training reminders   2-5294 IN OFFICE REMOTE




Travel Forms and Information
AB 1887 Prohibited States
Travel to certain states is prohibited using state funds - AB 1887 restricts the use of State General Funds to pay for travel costs to states that have laws that discriminate based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression, or to states that have passed a law repealing such protections.)
Car Rental Agreements
City Pair Program Search
Fleet Services Rates
Fly America Act Exception
Foreign Per Diem
Lodging/ M & El Rates
Mileage Reimbursement Rates
(the 2022 Mileage Rate is 58.5 cents per mile)
OANDA-Currency Exchange Rates
T&E User's Guide



Travel Policies for UCR and UCOP
UCOP Policy
UCR Policy
BFB G-28
Travel/Entertainment Card
Travel Advances & Direct Charges
Vehicle Rental & Hotel/Motel
Use of Privately owned Vehicle
Vehicle Accident & Damage Reporting
Moving, Removal & Relocation
BFB G-13
650-31 - Academics & 650-32 - Staff



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