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  • Distinguished Speakers Endowed Fund in the Department of Entomology
  • Entomological Museum and Insect Collection
  • Entomology Fund for Excellence This fund allows the department to fund any aspect of the graduate and undergraduate academic programs.
  • Harry Scott Smith Endowed Fund in Entomology This scholarship, established in 1957, supports students studying the field of biological control.
  • Ian and Helen Moore Endowment Fund for Marine Entomology  This scholarship, established in 1983 in honor of Ian Moore, supports graduate students pursuing research on aquatic insects especially insects associated with marine and saline environments.
  • Francis A. and Jane Davies Gunther Scholarship Fund   This scholarship, established in 1987 by the Davies-Gunther family in honor of Francis A. Gunther, supports graduate students in financial need who are pursuing research in pesticide chemistry. 
  • Lauren and Mildred Anderson Endowed Graduate Assistantship in Immature Insects  This scholarship, established in 1992 in honor of Lauren Anderson and his wife Mildred, supports graduate students studying immature insects.
  • Harry H. Shorey Endowed Scholarship Fund This scholarship, established in 1998 in honor of Harry Shorey, supports graduate students who are pursuing research on pheromones in entomology. 
  • Dr. Mir S. Mulla and Lelia L. Mulla Endowed Scholarship Fund   This scholarship, established in 2007 in honor of Dr. Mir S. Mulla and his wife Lelia, is merit based and supports graduate and undergraduate students in Entomology or in related fields of Bioagricultural and/or Biomedical Sciences.  The award is given out by the CNAS Scholarship Committee.  
  • Dr. Mir Subhan Mulla and Leila L. Mulla Graduate Fellowship for Intl. Students in Agr. Sciences Fund

Note: These are all endowed funds, meaning that donations are invested by the UCR Foundation, allowing the body or corpus of the fund to grow while the department uses only the interest generated by the corpus. This is an excellent way to donate if your intent is to provide a long-term benefit. If, however, you wish to donate so the department can use your entire gift immediately, or if you wish to discuss your unique giving preferences, contact the department Chair, Richard Redak, by email at richard.redak@ucr.edu or by phone at (951) 827-7250.