The main Entomology building, which was completed in 2002 and is 67,000 gross square feet, houses 2/3 of our faculty offices and laboratories, several conference rooms, insectaries, and the administrative offices for the entire department.
Front of building
The second and third floor lobby of the main building houses a rotating arthropod display.
Second Floor
The Entomology Research Museum houses faculty offices and labs and a teaching classroom in addition to more than 2,000 square feet of space housing the arthropod collection.
Entomology Museum
The Entomology Courtyard, in the northeast corner of the main building, is a favorite gathering place for department, student, and college events as well as individuals taking a break.
The Insectary & Quarantine facility is a state-of-the art federally certified building that was completed in 2002.
Insectary and Quarantine
Chapman Hall, which is directly to the south of the main building, houses four faculty laboratories.
Chapman Hall